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Air Transport

Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communication

- Air Transport

  Air Transport – 3 years, full time and part time form of study – after completing, there is a possibility to continue in engineering (equivalent to MSc.) course.  

This course is technically oriented.  The graduate is able to analyse problems and possibilities of operation processes mainly in the field of civil aviation, air transport and its components.  The course is designed to cover a wide range of operational issues in aviation.  Starting off with common theoretical subjects (mathematics, physics, informatics, general theory of economics etc.), students gradually gain knowledge in specialised subjects (operation and economics of air transport, air navigation, basics of ATM etc.) and in subjects which can shape up their professional career in technical way (aircraft maintenance, aircraft instruments, aircraft propulsion etc.) or economic way. (air transport business and operations, economics of aircraft operator, airline marketing, etc.). The study is accomplished by presenting and defending a Bachelor thesis and passing the final state exam.  
- Professional Pilot
  Professional Pilot - 3 years, full-time course only. Students of the Professional Pilot Bachelor´s course accomplish theoretical and practical training with the goal to achieve Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).  As for the scope and subjects, this course is designed similarly to the Air Transport Bachelor’s course.  In addition, students take ground school up to the level of the required knowledge for ATPL frozen.  Practical training is designed in accordance with JAR-FCL requirements.  It is provided as ‘ab initio’ course to the level of Commercial Pilot License with multi-engine and instrument ratings (CPL/MEP/IR).  This training is provided in a form of self-funded pilot course by the University of Žilina Flight Training Organisation (FTO) which is closely inked with the Air Transport Department.  FTO is fully certified by the CAA of the Slovak Republic and is the only one FTO at Slovakia providing the ground school and practical training under one roof.  The FTO operates in total 22 aircraft.  The FTO owns and operates also JEPPESSEN 200 simulators for IFR training, navigation procedures and phraseology and a FNPT II MCC Trainer.  The course is completed upon presentation and successful defence of the Bachelor thesis and by passing the final state exam.  
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
-Biomedical Engineering
 The main aim of the BME study at the FEE UZ is to educate the graduates:   
- who have wide overwiev of modern technical means of biomedicine,
- who get good knowledge about diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation instrumentation and their safety use,
- who have the information about their world development trends ,
- who obtain the appropriate knowledge of theoretical and selected clinical disciplines of medicine for understanding of the reason of technical means application,
- who gain the ability to judge the function of the medical instrumentation under various conditions, 
- who have the ability of  qualified communications with physicians in technical matters of diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation. 
The graduates have wide knowledge of the present information systems aimed :
- to their qualified utilization on the national and international level and also   
- to the information systems creation and development for the needs of concrete medical or health service organizations. 
The graduates have the adequate managing abilities for the management of technical instrumentation arrangement and also of the information technologies utilization. The main orientation of the BME study at the FEE UZ in Zilina is expressed by the state examniation subjects:
1)      Measuring electrical and electronic methods in biomedical engineering (sensors, devices, instrumentation). 
2)      Signal processing in medicine (digital signals, biosignals and image analysis and processing). 
3)      Imaging methods for medical diagnosis (radiology, nuclear medicine).  
4)    Materials for biomedical engineering (prothetic materials, biocompatibility).
Insitute of High Mountain Biology
- Ranger
  This study programme is focused on studies and education in the field of ecology and applied ecology, biology, nature conservation, renewable and non-renewable natural resources, management, information technologies, social and humane sciences. On the basis of integrated knowledge of ecology, biotic and abiotic components of the environment, graduates will be able to apply basic ecology and nature conservation principles as professional rangers. Successful accomplishment of the study programme will require mastering fair amount of knowledge  in the following areas of study: management of natural resources and legal relationships, informatics in environmental disciplines, natural sciences, economic knowledge and social relationships, as well as certain amount of physical abilities and practical skills. Besides theoretical and practical knowledge of natural resources (botany, zoology, geology and hydrology, soil science, climatology and radiation) and in environmental legislation, the graduates will also acquire basic practical skills in areas     essential for nature protection guards: mapping, tracking, wireless communication technology, tele- and radio-communication, co-operation with the rescue systems, orienteering, climbing, ski touring, horse riding, canine training, self-defence, shooting etc.
The study programme respects the Study description – Land use and protection 4.3.1. (Accreditation Committee of the  Slovak Government, and is supplemented by additional courses with regards on similar studies at some European and American universities. The Institute of high mountain biology directly provides and organizes  part of the study programme in collaboration with Slovak Department of Nature Protection, Mountain rescue service, Management of Tatras national park, Management of National park Low Tatras, National association of mountain guides, regional police department, prosecutor`s office and also by participating faculties of the Žilina university. This interdisciplinary study is provided on the level of the whole university.
Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
-  Informatics

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