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Civil Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering

- Civil Engineering

   Graduates in this Bachelor's level program study and learn in the English language. Graduates acquire a complete first-degree university education with a specialization in civil engineering that covers a broad spectrum of construction professions with a focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of the construction of buildings and engineering and hydraulic structures. Graduates understand the basic theoretical principles and procedures for the construction of various types of buildings.  Graduates have knowledge of construction materials. The core of the specialized subjects relate to issues concerning civil engineering structures. Graduates are able to design simple structures and present their own solutions for technological and economic problems related to the construction of various kinds of structures. Graduates are prepared for second-degree programs of study or to enter the labour market. There is an opportunity for students to improve their communication skills for the domestic environment through classes in the Slovak language during their first year.

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology

- Automatization, Informatization  and Management in Chemistry and Food Technology - if mote than 10 applicants apply

- Chemistry, Medical Chemistry and Chemical Materials - if more than 10 applicants apply

- Chemical Engineering - if more than 10 applicants apply

- Nutrition, Cosmetics, Health protection - if more than 10 applicants apply

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