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Professional pilot

Faculty of Aeronautics


- Professional pilot
  The Essentials of Mathematics and Physics, End-user Informatics, specialized subjects in aviation from the sphere of aviation operations, specialized subjects defined by European aviation regulations including the pilot proficiency in civil aviation.
- Air Traffic Controller
  The Essentials of Mathematics and Physics, End-user Informatics, specialized subjects in aviation from the sphere of air traffic control, specialized subjects defined by European aviation regulations for proficiency of flight operation services staff (European Air Traffic Management).
Office: Student Administration Office
Head of Office: Kamila Mačingová
tel.: +421-55- 633 91 18
Civil engineering faculty
-Architectural and Indoor Engineering
  Why major in architectural and indoor engineering? Are you interested in finding solutions to problems of sustainable building design? The Technical University in Košice will help you reach your goals. The graduates of bachelor programme in Architectural and Indoor Engineering are proficient in using mathematical and scientific principles to develop materials into systems that meet current demands. They focus on green building design and are able to coordinate engineering systems in buildings, take care of primary needs such as structural architecture, indoor architecture, heat and air conditioning, ventilation, acoustics and lights. Graduates of this programme are well prepared to pursue further education at master level.
- Structural and Transportation Engineering
  Completed bachelor study programme entitles the graduate to start the 2nd level study (MSc./Eng (Ing.)) in the study field Structural and Transportation Engineering. 
- Civil Enviromental Engineering
   The graduates of the bachelor programme in Civil Environmental Engineering are proficient in using environmental and civil engineering knowledge to develop technologies to air, water and soil protection, waste processing and recycling. They are able to assess of environmental impacts of activities and buildings and to solve simple engineering projects in the field of landscape design, protection and revitalisation based on the new legal regulations and state environmental policy. 
Office:Office of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Studies
Head of Office:Beáta Pavúková
tel.:+421-55-602 4175
Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology
-Automation and Process Control of Raw Materials Extracting and Processing
  Study programme Automation and Process Control of Raw Materials Extracting and Processing is oriented to prepare experts for automation and control of technological and production processes mainly in mining industry at level of automation and also in firms which project the automatic, automated, information systems. Graduates of the first level have basic knowledge about automated and automatic control systems, PLC, information systems (e.g. Promotic, WinCC, etc.) and their implementation in practice. They have essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can be utilized in practical engineering activities of medium level of difficulty, or they can continue in the Master’s level study.
-Informatization of Processes of Raw Materials Extraction and Processing
  This study programme is oriented on preparation of specialist in applications of computers and information technology in industry, in particular, in raw materials extraction and processing. The study programme includes basic subjects in related natural sciences, in applied informatics, in social sciences, and in administration. This combination provides a complex viewpoint on various processes in industrial enterprises. 
-Management of Earth’s Sources
  Management of Earth’s Sources 

Study programme Management of Earth’s Sources is based on the obtaining of knowledge from economy and management of individual branches in national economy. Broad spectrum of the study programme is specified through subjects of the social, scientific, economical, managerial, typological and technological basis of the national economy branches, that provide knowledge, skills, and abilities from areas of branch economy and management, information technologies, language and communication skills that create assumption for applying in the managerial and economical function at every level of management.

-Use of Alternative Energy Resources
  Study is oriented mainly at the identification, quantification and practical usage of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, water energy, biomass, etc.) in the function of alternative energy sources and fuels (production of electrical energy and heat), as well as in the communal sphere and individual energetic systems for domestic consumption, or alternative fuels in transport. 

Subject’s structure is composed in the way that secures continuity of the acquired knowledge on the earth sources extraction, through traditional energy sources, to the commercial level of knowledge applied in the area of business management and business with raw material and energy. The study strongly emphasizes environmental aspects, topicality and compatibility with European legislation and international liabilities. The teaching process is fully equipped with information technology of high standard, visual tools, utilization of scientific and research bases, and technological equipment in the Centre of renewable energy sources COZE. 


- Mining and Geotechnics
  The study is oriented at advanced mining techniques and technologies, drilling and blasting technologies, using industrial explosives, at destructive building works, at special tunnelling methods and underground construction/objects, and underground radioactive waste storage construction. The study is also oriented at controlling of the mining technological process, at Mine Planning and Tunnel project, underground lines and at legislation in mining.
-Urban Water Management
  International study programme Water Economy in Communal Sphere creates assumptions to obtain the knowledge and skills in the area of international business, creation of business aims, conceptions and plans in the area of water economy. 
Faculty BERG, Technical University of Košice realizes this program in cooperation with partners from Germany, Austria and Croatia. The study programme is in the German language, and its realization is provided by professors and lecturers from the partner institutions – universities and companies. In the frame of common projects, exchange between study places and work in the companies in four different countries is possible, and this international study programme supports the international economic cooperation of individual regions in the area of water economy in communal sphere. 
The international character of the study programme allows students to be successful not only in Slovakia, but also to obtain working positions on the international level. Graduates will find jobs mainly in managerial functions on every level of organization management in public but also private sector, as well as in production, project and research aimed organizations of similar branches, for example as community advisors, as commissioners for living environment in firms, during research and development work for public and private sector. 
In the frame of study programme students have the possibility to take part in internships not only in Slovakia, but also abroad (Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia), in the frame of Leonardo and other programmes, as well as in exchange programmes within the frame of ERASMUS programme. 
Office: Office of Education
Head Of Office: Tatiana Makeľová
tel.: +421-55-602 2350
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
-Mechanical Engineering
  This study programme is oriented on preparation of specialists from the area of mechanical systems design. It covers all main phases of production process: design, computation and technology. Students will obtain theoretical knowledge from areas related to mechanical engineering and they will be able to use CAD systems. Students will be educated also in economy, organisation and business related to the activities in the area of mechanical production. 
  In this study programme, mechatronics is sensed as an interdisciplinary scientific discipline, which deals with computer controlled electromechanical systems, which are characterized by purpose controlling of general motion of their parts, by controlling their energy interactions and energy transformation into various forms. Their inseparable parts are the subsystems of the control and regulation, which are based on microprocessor controlling in real time with high flexibility and reliability. Students will be able to analyze the problems and cases, which grow in various areas of industry, they will able to design parts of the mechatronics systems in order to satisfy specified requirements. They will obtain skills and abilities in using information technology in the tasks of the discipline, and in laboratory work.
-Industrial Engineering
  The bachelor study programme provides special knowledge covering technologies, techniques, management, marketing, informatics as well as appropriate knowledge covering economics, law, natural and social sciences. Synthesis of this special knowledge provides qualification for successful solution of project, production, economic and managerial duties in the process of manufacture in large, medium and small enterprises.
Office: Student Administration Office
Head of Office: Iveta Frigová
tel.: +421-55-602 2156
Faculty Of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
- Applied Informatics
   Study programme Applied Informatics is oriented at preparing specialists on applications of computers, information and telecommunication technology in industry. Graduates of the first level have basic knowledge about computers and programming, automatic control systems, information systems, communication networks and their implementation in practice. They have essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can be utilized in practical engineering activities of medium level of difficulty, or they can continue in Master’s level study.
Office: Student Administration Office
Head of Office: Mgr. Milena Lešková
tel.: +421-55- 602 2200, 22 01, 22 10
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Faculty of Economics
- Finance, banking and investment
  Finance includes an introduction to basic finance and furnishes the students with useful skills, analytical tools, and perspectives which provide a sound basis for financial decision-making. Banking - prepares students to become successful in a branch which demands effective banking skills. Successful bankers are gregarious and assertive. The aim is to bring students into contact with real life banking problems, through which students also acquire a number of managerial techniques. 

Investment - covers investments and asset pricing, option and derivatives pricing, and portfolio management with applications to financial models and data. It is appropriate for highly numerate students with a strong background in economics, who wish to pursue careers in financial institutions or in industry which call for such advanced analytical skills.


- Public Administration and regional development
  Public administration provides an overview of the theoretical fundamentals, substance, and limits of modern public administration. It examines the conventional management functions in the legal sphere performed by public administrators as well as current issues and problems in the field. It provides a conceptual and practical framework for students wishing to proceed further with careers in the public sector and non-government organisations. 
Regional development examines the dimensions and causes of regional growth and development, the theories that give explanation of the growth and decline of regional economies, and the policies and strategies used to endorse regional development. The programme deals with programming and project management in the public sector with a special focus on regional and structural policy of the European Union.
Office: Student Administration Office
Head of Office: Miroslava Pojerová
tel.: +421-55-602 32 57
Faculty of Manufacturing Technilogies
- Manufacturing Technologies
  Graduates are prepared to solve technological problems of manufacture, to design manufacture machinery, instruments and jigs, to solve tasks of manufacturing control, to cope with the technology of new materials treatment, new manufacturing technologies as well as their applications.
Office: Student Administration Office
Head of Office: Bc. Ľudmila Nováková-Marcinčinová
tel.: +421-051- 7722605 122

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