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Applying for the study

Applying for the study
Unless stipulated to the contrary in the Instructions, every candidate can submit an application for study at one or more faculties or universities. In the event of overlapping dates of admission examinations at different faculties, the risk shall be borne by the candidate. Pursuant to the Higher Education Act, only the higher education institutions have a reserved right to provide, organise, or ensure higher education and, therefore, only they are authorised to admit students to higher education.

The candidate submits an application for the study to the higher education institution. Unless stipulated to the contrary, the application should be completed according to the model, in all its sections, it should be confirmed in the required sections, and be sent with the required attachments to the dean's office of the relevant faculty. The faculty does not have to accept an incomplete application. In handling applications, the higher education institution staff shall be obliged to comply with the Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on personal information protection.

Delivery deadline
The application must be delivered within deadline set by the university or by the faculty.

Unless stipulated to the contrary, the application for study must be sent to the address of the dean' s office of the faculty, by registered mail, or, personally, with all the requested attachments.

By request, the Faculty study departments will provide candidates with detailed information at the publicised addresses and telephone numbers, or these can be learned from the relevant Internet pages of universities.

Upon delivery and registration of the application, the Faculty shall send the candidate detailed instructions on the admission examination, or the syllabus and propositions, and conceivably the study material

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