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After acceptance

After acceptance
The university or the faculty has the right to require the admitted candidates to provide information on whether they will enrol for the study. The candidate is obliged to supply the information to the university or the faculty by the commencement of the academic year. The candidate becomes the undergraduate on the day of enrolment in the faculty. The student may complete a section of the study at another university in the Slovak Republic or at a foreign university.

Academic year
The academic year begins on 1st September of the current year and ends on 31st August of the following year.

Handicapped students
The Dean of every faculty shall appoint a coordinator for working with students with disabilities. In case of interest in a study at a relevant faculty, it is advisable to contact the coordinator prior to submitting the application. The coordinator will provide information on the options available and conditions at any particular faculty. Where the coordinator has not been appointed, we recommend contacting the subdean for the education and training activity.

Charges and tuition fee
A public university can require the candidates to pay a charge for the material arrangements of the admission procedure. The charge is derived from the actual cost incurred to the university in these arrangements. Pursuant to Section 92 of the Act on higher education, students studying in the first-, second- level, or combined study programs who have not exceeded the standard duration of study prescribed for the study program, in public higher education institutions, shall not pay the tuition. Payment of tuition for above-standard duration of study shall be also applicable to students of the state universities. Where a student of a public or a state university studies in a study program for longer than the standard duration without serious reason, such as health, he or she shall be obliged to pay the university a tuition for every additional year at the amount to be determined by the university. The students in full-time PhD study programs do not pay tuition. The private university in its internal regulation shall determine the charges and tuition associated with the study at the private university. Public universities may charge for the issue of the documents of the study and their copies, for the issue of documents of study completion, where these are required in a foreign language, and for the issue of the copies of documents of study completion.

Meals are ensured in student canteens of universities or faculties and in the canteens of student halls of residence. The canteens of the student halls of residence provide meals, as a rule, 2- or 3-times per day.

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