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Admission procedure

Admission procedure
Where the study program is to be pursued at a faculty, either the university, or the faculty can determine additional conditions for admission to the study in particular study programs with a view to ensuring that candidates with the necessary abilities and aptitudes can be admitted. The stipulated requirements and the way their fulfilment is to be verified should allow the selection of candidates that display the greatest competence for the study. Where an entrance (admission) examination is part of the verification of the student's ability for study, the university or the faculty shall publicise the form, the framework content of the admission examination and the way the outcome will be evaluated. It is not possible to admit a candidate to a Phd study without an admission examination.

Admission exam subjects
The subjects of the admission examination are established according to the relevant study program; in teacher training programs, according to the subject combination concerned.

Admission exam form
Most frequently the admission examination takes the form of a written test. Some faculties conduct oral tests or interviews with the candidates for selected areas of study with a view to assess their overall aptitudes for the elected study, or their language skills, etc. A talent test or a practical test is taken by the candidates applying for of the first–stage primary school teacher training; the candidates for academic subjects teacher training in combinations with the physical education, music education, and art education; and in the study programs, such as physical education and sport, journalism, architecture; and in all study programs of artistic orientation.

The scope of the admission examination
Additional requirements, determined by the university for the admission to the study, should not go beyond the content of the upper secondary education in terms of the scope of knowledge under the School Act. The talent tests or the requirements of foreign language proficiency, as well as some other courses of study, such as nursing, etc. impose requirements in accordance with the curriculum of the secondary vocational school.

The date of the admission examination
As a rule, an admission examination, which is written or oral, would take place in June and a talent test, in the period between January and May.

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